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Columbia, MO Failure to Yield Accident Lawyer

Many failure-to-yield cases occur because individuals misjudge how much space is between one vehicle and another when merging into a lane, who arrived at a stop sign first, and the color of the traffic light. When an accident occurs, the party responsible for the collision could be held accountable in court.

If you or a loved one were injured in an automobile crash due to the negligent actions of another, a Columbia, MO failure to yield accident lawyer could help your case. You may be eligible to seek compensation for your injuries and damages from the party responsible for your accident. It is best to speak to a knowledgeable car collision attorney to start building your case.

What is Failure to Yield and Right of Way?

A failure-to-yield occurs in situations when a person arrives at an intersection or a merging of lanes. They must yield the right of way to other motor vehicles. If a person fails to do that, and it results in a collision, they will be cited for failure to yield.

Failure-to-yield cases affect liability based on witnesses and the recollections of the motorists involved because that will be what is presented to a judge or jury. There may be two opinions about who arrived at the intersection first, or how much room there was for merging. Determining liability for a failure-to-yield case could be difficult without the help of a Columbia failure to yield accident lawyer.

Right of Way

The right of way is different depending on the circumstances and traffic conditions. An example of right of way is that a person arrives at an intersection with four stop signs.  The person who arrives first at that intersection is allowed to proceed first, and the other motorist has a duty to yield and let them go first.

Dealing With Insurance Companies

Insurance companies treat failure-to-yield accidents the same as they do all accidents. They will compile all the facts. In failure-to-yield cases, since it is up to the subjective judgment of the motorists involved, it is likely to be very determinative of who was the responsible party and who was the injured party. The companies also look at witness statements and try to determine whether there is any type of comparative fault, as well as the extent of the injuries, and that determines the course of their action. It is best to seek help from a seasoned attorney who has experience dealing with insurance companies and could help you recover a fair settlement.

Seek Help from a Columbia Failure to Yield Accident Attorney Today

Investigating failure-to-yield cases is similar to investigating head-on collisions or rear-end crashes. Attorneys find the investigative reports that may have been prepared by law enforcement officers and talk to the client to determine what may have occurred, and maybe any third-party witnesses. Often, law firms with more than one attorney have more resources, more time, and access to more-immediate investigatory steps than a solo practitioner to find out who is responsible in a failure-to-yield case.

Speak to a skilled Columbia failure to yield accident lawyer as soon as possible following an automobile collision. Let a skilled attorney help you seek compensation. Call today to schedule a consultation.