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Personal injury laws, also known as tort laws, protect you if you are injured or sustained damages due to someone else’s actions or failure to act. A successful personal injury claim ends with the responsible party compensating the victims their losses and damages. A skilled attorney could help you recover compensation.

At A.W. Smith, our lawyers are committed to helping our clients seek justice for their injuries. We are dedicated to helping our client recover the compensation they deserve. We have successfully won over $100 million in settlements for our clients.

If you or a loved have suffered an injury and subsequent damages due to the negligence of another, a Boonville personal injury lawyer could help your case. They could investigate your claim and use all the necessary tools and resources to help you obtain compensation. It is best to speak to a knowledgeable personal injury attorney to learn about the law and how it could affect your case.
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Proving Negligence in Court

The majority of personal injury cases are founded upon the legal concept of negligence. To prove that a defendant is liable for the damages incurred by a plaintiff, an experienced Boonville personal injury attorney must demonstrate a few elements such as duty, breach, causation, and damages.


The defendant must have owed a duty of care to the plaintiff, and they must have breached their duty. This could be a duty to drive safely, a duty to keep a property safe, a duty to prevent their animal from injuring another party. When that duty is breached, the defendant could be considered negligent.


The existence of negligence alone is not a valid reason for a lawsuit. The negligence of the defendant must be the proximate cause of the victim’s injury. In other words, without the defendant’s negligence, injuries to the plaintiff would not have occurred.

Additionally, the plaintiff must have suffered damages due to the accident. These may include medical expenses, lost wages, an inability to work in the future, pain and suffering, humiliation, loss of consortium, and mental anguish. Speak to a knowledgeable attorney from A.W. Smith to learn about the type of damages you may be eligible to recover.

Deadline to File a Case in Boonville

Injured individuals should be aware of Missouri’s statute of limitations, which is the deadline for filing a lawsuit. As per Missouri Revised Statutes §516.120, most individuals have five years from the date the injury occurred to file their claim. If the claim is not filed within the given timeframe, the victim may be ineligible to seek compensation for their damages from the responsible party.

Additionally, it is best to gather evidence as soon as possible following an accident. Evidence such as witness accounts, videos, photographs, and medical records could be lost, forgotten and even destroyed. If the plaintiff waits too long to contact a lawyer, some of this vital evidence that could help win their case my no longer be available.
Contacting an attorney at A.W. Smith Law Firm as soon as possible could help ensure that a personal injury case is filed within the designated deadline and all evidence is properly preserved.

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Personal injury law in Missouri can be complicated and difficult for a layperson to understand. Hiring an experienced Boonville personal injury lawyer could help you navigate through the legal system to give you peace of mind. In addition to helping you recover your damages, your attorney could handle communications with insurance companies, medical billers, and even your employer.

There is a limited amount of time to file a claim, so it is best to speak to a seasoned lawyer from A.W. Smith Law Firm as soon as possible.
Before accepting any deals from an insurance company, victims should seek help from our skilled attorneys. We will make sure you are getting the best settlement for your situation.

Our firm has the resources and tools to work with our clients on a contingency basis. You do not need to worry about legal fees until we recover compensation for you. Call an attorney today to schedule a free consultation.