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Columbia, MO Highway Accident Lawyer

Columbia, MO has a unique combination of not only interstates and highways, but also heavily-traveled inter-city streets. In Columbia, car accidents are common, especially on Interstate 70, Highway 63, Broadway, Providence, and Stadium Boulevard, because there is a higher density of traffic on those roadways at all times of day and night. Furthermore, because they are major connecting roadways, they have higher speed limits. Due to the higher speed limits, due to the higher density of traffic, and because these roadways connect various areas of interest, there are more collisions on these particular roadways.

With the heavy activity in Columbia, motor vehicle accidents are bound to occur. If you or a loved one were injured in a motor vehicle accident while on the highway, reach out to a skilled car accident attorney. An experienced Columbia highway accident lawyer at The A.W. Smith Law Firm could help you understand your legal options for seeking compensation for your damages.

Lack of Attention

When it comes to the streets within the city of Columbia, accidents occur more frequently because these are such heavily-congested thoroughfares, and they connect points of interest. Whenever there is an event, such as a collegiate sporting event or a festival, sometimes people drive more aggressive when crossing an intersection before a light turns red or they may be distracted because of the anticipation of the event that they are going to or coming from.

A seasoned Columbia highway accident lawyer could investigate the incident and prove the defendant’s negligence is the cause of the crash.

How Speed Could Contribute To A Collision

When it comes to the Columbia specific roadways, Highway 63 and Interstate 70 have higher speed limits. Since there are higher speed limits, higher density of traffic, and because they are Missouri highways and federal interstates, collisions involving tractor-trailers are more common. Also, the severity of damages because of the level of speed could sometimes be higher on the interstates and highways.

With few instructional signs and basic laws to follow, speeding may contribute to these accidents differently than it does to street accidents. Any time one exceeds the speed limit, it could contribute to a car collision. Other drivers may not be anticipating the driver that is exceeding the speed limit. The faster one operates a motor vehicle, by the laws of physics, the more force that would be involved in any type of impact.

Heightened Speed Limits

Heightened speed limits play a role when it comes to these kinds of accidents and dealing with their aftermath. Oftentimes within the city, speed limits could range anywhere between 15 to 45 miles per hour. When one gets on Interstate 70 or Highway 63, the speed limits are approximately 70 miles an hour. When one is operating a motor vehicle at such a high rate of speed, the collision becomes far more impactful. When one impacts another motor vehicle traveling at or near the same speed, the damages, and the injuries, as a result, could be far more severe.

Let a Columbia Highway Accident Attorney Help

A motor vehicle accident on the highway could cause significant damage to everyone involved. People could sustain catastrophic injuries such as head trauma, paralysis, organ damage, and even death. When another party’s negligence causes an accident, they could be held liable in court.

You may be eligible to recover compensation for a wide range of damages such as pain and suffering, mental anguish, and loss of enjoyment of life. Speak to a knowledgeable Columbia highway accident lawyer to learn about your eligibility for compensation. Call The A.W. Smith Law Firm today to schedule a consultation.