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Evidence in a Columbia, MO Car Accident Case

Before filing a claim, experienced car accident attorneys would gather their evidence by using the resources of an investigator in order to assist them in taking photographs of the damaged motor vehicle, taking the statements of witnesses, and collecting the necessary documentation, such as medical records, medical billing, and even the crash report. They also collect documentation of any lost earnings that the person has because they were recovering from their treatment. Also, they research the other driver’s driving record to see if there are similar facts and circumstance to help facilitate a possible settlement or resolution to the matter.

It is best to speak to an attorney at the A.W. Smith Law Firm to learn about the benefits of using evidence in a Columbia, MO car accident case. We have decades of experience helping injured individuals fight their case and seeking compensation.

Process For Collecting Evidence

The typical process for collecting evidence in a Columbia car accident case is for the attorney to get the crash report. It may be prepared by the Missouri State Highway Patrol, the local County Sheriff’s Office, or even the local jurisdiction Police Department. It would often have diagrams, statements, and initial probable contributing circumstances for the collision. They also try to gather witness statements of any individuals that may have been present when the accident occurred or who may have been involved in the crash. They will also collect medical records, medical bills, and any type of documentation to reflect lost wages that may have been incurred due to the car collision.

A diligent car crash attorney would also try to collect the insurance policies of both their client and the other driver to see what coverages are available.

Length of Time to Collect Evidence

It generally takes a few months to collect the evidence that would be used in a Columbia car accident case. Initially, medical records and medical billing would be collected.  Collecting evidence includes the actual discovery process. Discovery is the legal term for the process in which evidence is gained after the initial filing of the petition for damages. There are depositions that are taken and collecting evidence. Collecting evidence for the trial may occur right up to the trial date. The initial evidence gathering would help form the basis of the case that may take approximately two to three months.

How a Car Accident Attorney Could Help

After the evidence is collected, some of the steps that Columbia car accident attorneys must take before presenting the evidence in court include properly organizing and vetting it. Then, through the litigation process, there are pretrial conferences when any type of question as to the veracity or relevance of evidence could sometimes be ruled on by the court. A personal injury attorney must ensure that the evidence is prepared to be presented to the court and the jury logically.

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