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Columbia, MO University Hospital Class Action Claims

If You or a Member of Your Family Have Been a Patient of University Hospital or University Physicians in the Last 5 Years and Had NO Health Insurance at the Time of Treatment, You May Have a Claim in this Class Action Lawsuit

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This Class Action Lawsuit is filed against The Curators of the University of Missouri d/b/a MU Health Care, University Hospital and University Physicians and alleges the Over Charging of Patients with No Health Insurance

The complaint states, that this is a civil rights class action lawsuit arising under the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment and 42 U.S.C. § 1981. Plaintiff, individually and on behalf of all persons similarly situated, seeks damages and other relief against defendant The Curators of the University of Missouri d/b/a MU Health Care, University Hospital, and University Physicians, arising from its routine practice of applying its Hospital Charge Transparency Policy’s “Automatic No Health Insurance Reduction” unequally to patients without health insurance but who have a liability insurance claim recovery. The complaint is filed by Daniel L. Taylor through his counsel AW Smith of the AW Smith Law Firm in Columbia, Missouri.

The MU Hospital’s “Automatic No Health Insurance Reduction” states, that patients without health insurance, will receive an automatic deduction of 60%, off of their University Hospital bills and 25% off, their University Physician bills.

The class action lawsuit alleges that the defendants, University Hospital and University Physicians, have not been honoring the discounts listed in their policies, consistently, to all patients without health insurance. If you or a family member, has been a patient of the University Hospital or University Physicians in the past 5 years, and you had NO health insurance at the time of your treatments, you may have a claim in this class action lawsuit.

Many hospitals have been caught charging uninsured patients twice as much as patients with health insurance, for emergency room services. This has prompted several class action lawsuits regarding that policy. One high-profile cases was filed against Swedish Health Services, which operates seven Seattle-area emergency rooms.

This premium pricing relates to charging an uninsured patient, who is often a low-income individual, what hospitals often refer to “retail prices.” This cost structure can be twice as much or more of what the hospital charges an insurance company for the same service.

A purely hypothetical simplified example of “retail prices” is charging an uninsured patient $400 for the exact same x-ray for which the hospital charges an insured’s health insurance company $200.

The harm to uninsured patients extends well beyond assuming a very burdensome debt that they may lack the resources to pay. This liability regularly leads to assertive debt-collection efforts that often prompt these patients to file for federal bankruptcy protection. The requested legal remedies in many cases include reimbursements for the inflated amounts that uninsured patients paid for emergency room services and reductions of outstanding balances for that healthcare.

Contact the AW Smith Law Firm Today to File Your Claim in this Class Action Lawsuit against MU Health Care, the University Hospital and University Physicians. Remember, you or a family member would have needed to be without health insurance and a patient within the last 5 years.

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