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Unique Aspects Of Columbia, MO Motorcycle Accident Cases

In Columbia, MO, some of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents are lack of attention, failure to operate their motor vehicle to the highest degree of care, and driving at an excessive speed for the road and weather conditions. Motorcycle collisions occur in the same fashion as motor vehicle crashes occur because someone is not operating their vehicle to the highest degree of care.

What tends to make motorcycle accidents so different from automobile accidents, is that there is no restraint mechanism for a motorcyclist. If a motorcyclist hits a motor vehicle at even a moderate rate of speed, the chances of being ejected from the bike are much higher than an individual who is in an automobile.

Once that motorcyclist is ejected, they are basically and unfortunately at the mercy of their helmet, their protective clothing, and physics. Those three things combined can often lead to a greater degree of injury.

When a collision occurs, the party responsible for the crash could be held liable in court. Motorbike crash cases could be difficult to handle on your own, so it is best to seek help from a knowledgeable motorcycle accident attorney. Our skilled legal team at the A.W. Smith Law Firm could explain the unique aspects of Columbia motorcycle accident cases and your legal options to recovering compensation.

Factors That Could Lead to Motorcycle Accidents

In the City of Columbia, motorcycle accidents happen more frequently than bicycle collisions because there are reserved and devoted bike lanes that are on the shoulder of the roadways. Motor vehicles are prohibited from entering those lanes, and it is widely advised that bicyclists do not veer out of these designated lanes, as these lanes are only for bicyclists. Motorcyclists do not have any reserved lanes, so they are driving in the same lane as traffic as cars, SUVs, and large trucks.

Perhaps the one condition in Boone County that leads to motorcycle accidents is the fact that it converges at Interstate 70 and Highway 63. Due to the congestion involved in some of the high traffic areas, such as Providence Road, Broadway, and Stadium Roads, motorcyclists may be tempted to pass moving vehicles that they would not ordinarily pass had they been driving a passenger car.

How Is Fault Determined for Crashes Involving Motorcycles?

The party responsible for the collision will often receive a majority of the comparative fault. However, sometimes jurors assume that their injuries may be more severe because they are riding a motorcycle.

Many jurors may assume that motorcycle riding is a dangerous activity and as such, unfairly place a little bit of comparative fault upon that motorcyclist just for being a motorcyclist. A seasoned attorney must be able to present a solid argument that the mere act of riding a motorcycle should not sway comparative fault one way or the other.

If the jury believes that an injured driver was partially responsible for causing the collision, they can award that person as much fault as they deemed appropriate. If they believe that an injured party in no way shape performed, caused, or contributed to cause the collision and the resulting injuries, they may give the other driver 100 percent of the fault. They are comparing the fault of all the parties.

Preventing a Collision

Motorcyclists can make themselves more aware of the increased risks of injuries compared to other types of motor vehicles in Columbia. Every individual who operates a motor vehicle on the highways and roadways of the State of Missouri should always operate their vehicle with the highest degree of care. Due to the lack of safety devices present on motorcycles, motorcyclists should be very well aware of their surrounding traffic conditions.

Use of a Helmet

Motorcyclists should always make sure that they are wearing a helmet as well as necessary clothing to protect them in the unfortunate event of a collision. Wearing a helmet can help protect riders in a motorcycle accident. By providing extra protection for their head, they can lessen the chances of concussions, brain injuries, lacerations, and cuts.

Not wearing a helmet can cause an impact in the case in Boone County. If they are wearing their helmet, this prevents the opposing driver or the opposing insurance company from saying that they are comparatively at fault for their injuries. If they did not follow state law and did not take adequate measures to protect themselves, then they are comparatively at fault for their injuries.

Let a Motorcycle Accident Attorney Help

Dealing with a motorcycle accident case while recovering from your injuries could be difficult to handle on your own. Our dedicated legal team at the A.W. Smith Law Firm have the skills, tools, and resources to help your case. We understand the unique aspects of Columbia motorcycle accident cases. We could help you seek the compensation you need to move forward.

Call the A.W. Smith Law Firm today to learn about how a motorcycle accident attorney could help your case.