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Safety and Preventive Measures in Columbia, MO Motorcycle Accidents

Personal injury accidents can happen without notice or warning. This is especially true in motor vehicle accidents where the mistake of one driver can lead to the injuries of other drivers and motorcyclists. For motorcyclists in particular, the injuries commonly sustained are catastrophic, and unfortunately, sometimes fatal. However, there are some measures riders can take to potentially prevent an accident from occurring.

For more insight regarding the safety and preventive measures in Columbia, MO motorcycle accidents, consult with an attorney today. Our attorneys at AW Smith Law Firm have years of experience dealing with these types of accidents and could provide you with knowledge regarding some of the mistakes riders have made in the past.

What are Some Safety Measures Riders Take to Help Prevent Motorcycle Accidents?

Regardless of whether someone is a motorcycle operator or a passenger vehicle operator, safety measures to help prevent motorcycle accidents include:

  • Being cognizant of how one operates their vehicle
  • Operating the vehicle to the highest degree of care
  • Implementing defensive driving to protect oneself against the negligence of others on the roadway
  • Checking all the blind spots and mirrors to make sure no motorcyclists exist
  • Wearing protective head gear
  • Maintaining the motorcycle in proper operational condition
  • Checking to see that the headlights and brakes work following a collision
  • Making certain that one’s own physical person is safe

Injured motorcycles should contact medical personnel to receive immediate medical treatment following an accident. It is also important to cooperate with law enforcement personnel at the scene. Individuals should be ready to provide their proper personal identification and could include contact information for a relative or friend in case of emergencies.

Boone County is at the intersections of Highway 63 and Interstate 70, which are two of the busier highways in the State of Missouri. When one is traveling down those well-traveled roadways and highways, they need to be aware of their surroundings. Drivers need to make certain that they have adequate time and distance for reaction time.

How can Weather Influence Liability for an Accident?

Weather can influence a motorcycle incident when the road conditions are slippery due to rain and precipitation, or slick from ice and snow that may increase the chance of a collision. Unfavorable weather conditions could be factors in comparative fault issues. Attorneys, claims adjusters, judges, and juries may be less inclined to give a higher percentage of comparative fault to one side over the other because of existing road conditions. Even with adverse road conditions, one should operate their motorcycle with the highest degree of care. When the road conditions are poor, riders should travel slower and be more aware of the conditions.

Benefits and Downsides of Having a Camera Attached to a Person’s Motorcycle

The benefit of having a camera attached to the motorcycle or helmet is that the camera records all events as they transpire. Should there be little disagreement as to how a collision occurred. It is no longer an issue of one party said this and one party said that. The recording verifies the facts surrounding the incident. The viewer can look at the necessary information and make the proper evaluation.

The downside could possibly be that if the motorcyclist is the at-fault driver, the recording provides the visual verification that the motorcyclist should have most or all the comparative fault. Individual need to make sure that the camera does not in any way hinder or impede the operation of the motorcycle to the highest degree of care regardless of whether it is attached to the motorcycle or helmet.

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Riding a motorcycle provides many freedoms that drivers do not get to experience. However, with this type of riding experience, riders are more susceptible to suffering serious injuries when involved in a collision with another vehicle. As a result, riders should familiarize themselves with the safety and preventive measures in Columbia accidents so they can do what they can to avoid falling victim to an accident. Sadly, not all riders can avoid an accident, but taking measures to prevent an accident can possibly prevent serious and fatal injuries. To learn more about what steps you could take to prevent an accident, schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys at AW Smith Law Firm today.