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Workers injured while on the job may be entitled to worker’s compensation to aid in their physical and financial recovery. However, navigating the worker’s compensation coverage process alone can prove to be a considerable challenge without the assistance of an experienced attorney. If you have suffered a work injury and need assistance filing a claim, a Rolla workers compensation lawyer may be able to assist.

A skilled personal injury attorney could walk by your side through each step of the claims process, appeal a claim if benefits are denied, and advise whether there may be any third party individuals or entities who could be held liable for your damages.

Common Types of Work Injuries

Below are the most common types of worker injuries:

Worker’s compensation coverage may also cover illnesses developed while on the job provided the claimant’s work environment or their exposure to certain toxins was the primary cause of their disease.

Filing a Rolla Worker’s Compensation Claim

Most companies in Rolla are required by law to maintain worker’s compensation coverage. Certain categories of workers would not be subject to these regulations, such as realtors and other independent contractors. If a company employs four or fewer employees, they are not required to carry worker’s compensation insurance.

Injured workers have up to 30 days from the incident date to notify their employer that they have been hurt, pursuant to Missouri Revised Statutes § 287.420. Despite the short duration of this initial filing period, injured workers still have up to two years to assert a claim with the Missouri Worker’s Compensation Division. A workers compensation attorney in Rolla could help the injured party bring their claim by the established deadline and ensure that all required documentation is filed accurately.

Workers compensation coverage could pay for the injured worker’s medical bills, as well as a portion of their income lost due to the injury. If the worker’s injuries force them to take time off for surgery or prevent them from returning to work for a period of time, they may be awarded temporary total disability benefits. When an injury hinders the worker from performing specific tasks, they could be entitled to permanent partial disability benefits; whereas permanent total disability benefits may be awarded if the worker’s injuries render them unable to seek any form of employment whatsoever.

Third-Party Claims

By collecting worker’s compensation coverage from their employer, with very rare exceptions, the injured worker would be unable to pursue additional legal action against the company. In certain circumstances, however, additional compensation may be obtainable through a third-party personal injury claim if a negligent third party was responsible for the worker’s injuries.

Worker’s compensation coverage does not include pain and suffering damages and may only cover a portion of the victim’s lost wages, but it may be possible to recover these financial losses in a personal injury lawsuit. A Rolla workers compensation attorney could review the injured party’s claim to determine whether a third-party individual or entity could be legally liable for damages.

Protect Your Interests With Help From An Attorney

Whether you require assistance filing a worker’s compensation claim with your employer or pursuing a third-party lawsuit against a negligent party, a Rolla workers compensation lawyer could help you every step of the way. To be certain that your rights are fully protected, it may be wise to hire a competent attorney who could help you navigate the legal process and fight for the most benefits you may be owed.

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