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Rolla Dangerous Drug Lawyer

Patients are prescribed medications or take over the counter pharmaceutical products on a daily basis to treat various conditions and diseases. Many of these prescriptions fulfill the purpose for which they were intended and consumers suffer little to no side effects or contraindications. However, certain drugs may cause a host of terrible and dangerous complications, some of which could inflict long-lasting or permanent medical challenges. A Rolla dangerous drug lawyer could assist in obtaining financial recovery if you have suffered injuries from a medication.

There is an increasing number of medications that have been cited in recent dangerous drug lawsuits. A personal injury attorney could review your case in a confidential consultation and provide a thorough assessment of your claim.

Potential Defendants in a Dangerous Drug Claims

Numerous medications that are household names have been cited in drug lawsuits filed across the nation, ranging from contraceptives like Yasmin and the antibiotic Levaquin to the well-known anti-anxiety medication Lexapro. When filing a dangerous drug case on behalf of plaintiff injured by these medications or others, a Rolla attorney would fully investigate their claim to ensure that all responsible parties are named in the lawsuit. These liable parties could include:

  • The drug laboratory
  • The manufacturer of the medication
  • The hospital that prescribed the drug
  • The healthcare professional that disbursed or prescribed the medication

Additionally, when a drug company, manufacturer, or other entity uses deceptive practices and fails to properly label a drug or releases a defective medication that poses a danger to consumers, injured patients may be well within their rights to pursue legal recovery through the state’s civil courts.

Securing Financial Recovery

A tainted or defective drug can reap catastrophic physical and mental harm upon consumers, including kidney and liver problems, birth defects, high blood pressure, internal bleeding, torn tissue, and blood clots. Based on the severity and extent of the victim’s damages, they may be entitled to compensation for their emotional anguish, pain, suffering, and medical expenses.

If the victim misses time at work due to their injuries, they could receive damages for their past, current, and future lost wages as well. A final category of compensation known as punitive damages may also be available, but are typically only awarded when the actions of the defendant are deemed to have been intentionally malicious or wantonly reckless.

Statutory Deadline to File a Case and Exceptions

The general statutory deadline for dangerous drug cases is five years according to Missouri Revised Statutes § 516.120. The five-year filing window begins on the date the individual is injured. However, there are some notable exceptions which might temporarily halt the five-year deadline. A Rolla dangerous drug attorney could help an injured patient file their case within the relevant time limit.

One such exception is known as the discovery rule. Often, a patient may not realize they are injured as soon as they take the drug. Under these circumstances, the discovery rule pauses the statutory deadline until the patient learns they are injured.

Injured persons who are disabled or younger than 21 may also fall under one of the exceptions to the statutory deadline. For victims who are mentally disabled when they are injured, the five-year period would not start until a medical provider affirms that they are mentally competent. Individuals under the age of 21 at the time of the injury would have until their 26th birthday to pursue a civil claim.

A Rolla Dangerous Drug Attorney Could Seek Justice on Your Behalf

If you think you could be owed compensation for injuries caused by a dangerous or defective drug, do not hesitate to seek the advice of a Rolla dangerous drug lawyer. An attorney could provide dedicated legal representation and advocate for any and all damages which may be due to you. Contact a local lawyer today for your introductory consultation.