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Commercial trucks are large, dangerous vehicles that must be handled with extreme caution. With over 15.5 million trucks operating on the streets today, drivers and their companies are closely regulated to help protect the public from harm. Unfortunately, accidents do occur, and people often sustain severe injuries.

If you or a loved one were injured in a tractor-trailer collision, a knowledgeable attorney at the A.W. Smith Law Firm could help your case. A Moberly truck accident lawyer could advocate on your behalf and help you seek compensation from the negligent party. A skilled personal injury attorney could handle the legal elements of your case while you focus on your recovery

State Regulations on Commercial Vehicles

There are state and federal regulations that help ensure the safety of commercial vehicles, truck drivers, and others that they encounter on the road. Violating these regulations could risk the safety of others and in some cases, lead to civil and even criminal punishment. An experienced Moberly truck collision attorney could investigate the accident and determine whether the defendant violated a regulation in connection with the accident.

The State of Missouri has enacted certain regulations and requirements that truck drivers and their companies must adhere to in order to legally operate. Drivers must have a file that is kept at the company’s principal place of business. The file keeps a record of certain information such as annual reviews of the driver’s driving record, their annual driver’s certification of violations, their entry-level driver training certificate, and the driver’s road test certificate.

In addition to the file, drivers have to meet certain minimum requirements in order to operate commercial vehicles. Drivers must meet the following requirements, some of which are set forth under Missouri Revised Statutes §302.735:

  • Drivers must be at least 18 years old for intrastate commerce
  • Drives must be at least 21 years old if transporting hazardous materials or operating under interstate commerce
  • Drivers must understand and speak English well enough to understand traffic signs, respond to officials, and make entries into reports and records
  • Drives must be able to operate the vehicle safety and know how to safely load, block, brace, and secure cargo

Seeking Relief for Truck Accidents in Moberly

A dedicated truck accident attorney in Moberly could help a plaintiff pursue adequate relief against truck drivers that cause their injuries, but also the trucking company under certain circumstances. Vicarious liability is a legal term used to describe a situation where a plaintiff may pursue damages against both the driver and their employer.

Under vicarious liability, an employer could be held liable for the negligent acts conducted by their employee driver, even if the employer did not commit any negligent act. If an employee commits a negligent act during the scope of their employment, the employer could be held liable. Negligence committed during a detour, a minor deviation from normal work duties, could still hold an employer liable.

However, if a driver causes an accident during a frolic, a more severe deviation from work duties, the employer may not be sued for the driver’s actions. An example of a frolic might be driving to the mall to go shopping in the middle of a workday.

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Commercial trucks have the capability to cause immense destruction to others on the road. Regulations and requirements help deter and prevent accidents, but sometimes preventable accidents could still occur.

Following a collision involving a tractor-trailer, seek help from a Moberly truck accident lawyer. They could help give you the legal support you might need to propel your case for relief forward. To learn more about your options, call the A.W Smith Law Firm for a consultation.