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Insurance Claims in Columbia, MO Truck Accident Cases

If you have been injured in a truck collision, you may be eligible to recover financial compensation through an insurance claim. An injured party in Columbia, MO could file a petition for damages within the court which would notify the insurance company that they are initiating a lawsuit.

This process can be difficult to navigate on your own, especially in the wake of a traumatic event. Fortunately, an experienced truck accident lawyer could help you successfully file an insurance claim and receive the compensation you deserve. Speak to a skilled attorney to learn about insurance claims in Columbia truck accident cases.

Considerations Before Filing a Claim

Before filing an insurance claim, an individual who has been injured in a truck accident should consult with an attorney. A legal professional in the area could explain all of the injured party’s options in full before they decide how to proceed with their case.

One available option for a truck accident insurance claim is a settlement pre-litigation, which means that a settlement is reached with the insurance company prior to the filing of the lawsuit in the circuit court of jurisdiction. Another option would be a settlement after filing the petition in the circuit court of applicable jurisdiction, but before the jury trial. The last option would be receiving a verdict and a judgment following the trial from a jury and a judge.

Providing Evidence

Before a plaintiff meets with their lawyer, they should ensure that they have access to as much information about their accident as possible. If they have it, they should bring the following:

  • Copy of the crash report
  • Copy of their medical records and medical bills
  • Copy of their insurance card and insurance policy
  • Witness statements or contact information for witnesses
  • Photographs of the vehicles involved, or the injuries sustained
  • Documentation showing wage loss or other damage

Providing this evidence to a local lawyer could allow them to construct an accurate and comprehensive case to back up the plaintiff’s claim.

Understanding the Nuances of Settlement Negotiations

Some individuals may decide to pursue their insurance claim through trial, especially if they believe that their settlement does not accurately reflect compensation for the harm they sustained. In some situations, an individual may “want their day in court” to present their argument that the responsible party is liable for their damages and receive a sense of closure.

However, many people may want to avoid the hassle of a court trial and opt to take a settlement offer without litigation. If a plaintiff wishes to settle before going to trial, a qualified nearby attorney could advise them on the positives and negatives of doing so and give them an approximation of the valuation of the case. The plaintiff and attorney could discuss the fairness of the settlement offer and decide whether to reject or accept it, though the choice ultimately rests with the plaintiff.


The settlement value is calculated by amassing a person’s economic damages and noneconomic damages, whether it is lost wages, medical expenses, the loss of personal property, or pain and suffering.

Once there is an approximation of that figure, a knowledgeable truck collision attorney could balance that number against the circumstances surrounding the collision and make a suggestion as to what the fair and reasonable amount of settlement may be.

It usually takes a few weeks to calculate a settlement, and once the plaintiff has accepted the offer, their attorney and the claims adjuster will work to finalize it. The parties will then sign a release drafted by the insurance company and their legal team, and the insurance company will write a check.

A Columbia Truck Accident Attorney Could Aid Your Insurance Claim

Having a legal advocate at your side while you file an insurance claim could be crucial to the outcome of your case. A Columbia truck accident lawyer could advise and counsel you as to the approximate value of your case and give you an appraisal and approximation of the damages you have incurred. They could also help with the investigation and compilation of information to present to the insurance company and give you peace of mind throughout this stressful process. Call today to discuss your legal options for insurance claims in Columbia truck accident cases.