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Columbia, MO Truck Driver Intoxication Accident Lawyer

In Boone County, truck accidents caused by intoxicated drivers are not necessarily prevalent, but they do occur. Boone County may see an inordinate share of intoxicated truck accidents because it is kind of the hub between Interstate 70 and Highway 63. Therefore, it has a lot of tractor-trailers that are transporting goods and services across the state.

An accidents could occur if a tractor-trailer operator consumes illegal substances or intoxicants, or they donot fully allow the substances to get out of their system before operating the truck. Unfortunately, some tractor-trailer operators will take stimulants in order to stay awake over a longer period of time. They think it makes them more alert. Commercial trucks drivers could cause significant damage and injuries if they operate their vehicle under the influence. The driver and the parent company could be held liable for any injuries or damages.

If you or a loved were injured due to a drunk motorist, our skilled truck accident attorneys at the A.W. Smith Law Firm could help you seek the compensation you need to move forward. We years of experience helping injured individuals seek justice for their accidents.

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The Penalties of a Conviction for a CDL Driver

CDL drivers are required to abide by the standard rules and regulations by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. If they fail to abide by the regulations, they could face harsh penalties. The implications of a DUI on a truck driver’s future employment are that they can lose their CDL license on a temporary or permanent basis. If there is a violation for operating a tractor-trailer under the influence of alcohol, they could lose their CDL for one year. If they are transporting hazardous materials, then they could face a three-year disqualification. In certain circumstances, the second violation can result in a lifetime disqualification.

The blood alcohol concentration limit is different, as well. The limit is 0.04 while operating a commercial motor vehicle as opposed to the 0.08 in a private motor vehicle. Missouri is an implied consent state as well, so a truck driver could have both their CDL license and private passenger driver’s license suspended if they refuse to take a breathalyzer test.

A seasoned Columbia truck driver intoxication accident lawyer from the A.W. Smith Law Firm could investigate the accident and prove that the CDL motorist is the cause of the collision.

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Often, tractor-trailer operators may take alcohol and illegal stimulants in order to stay awake longer and that they believe will make them more alert. When a truck driver ingests stimulants, drugs, illegal substances, and alcohol, they could cause significant injuries and even death. Besides their risk to others on the road, an accident could affect their ability to make a living. A CDL could also be suspended if they are found operating a tractor-trailer under the influence. Our attorneys at the A.W. Smith Law Firm have the experience, knowledge, and tools to help you seek justice for your accident. We are ready and willing to help your case.

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