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Columbia, MO Paralysis Injury Lawyer

A paralysis injury can have a devastating impact on your life. Your quality of life can change dramatically, with every-day tasks suddenly becoming impossible. Recovering from these paralysis injuries can be costly, especially if you are physically unable to work. With the help of a seasoned catastrophic injury attorney, you might have the opportunity to recover damages in your case.

Dealing with a paralysis injury on your own is a tremendous burden. Let an experienced Columbia, MO paralysis injury lawyer help you hold the negligent party accountable for their actions. When you put your case in the hands of a legal professional at the A.W. Smith Law Firm, you can focus on your recovery while we fight for your compensation.

Types of Paralysis

Paralysis is the loss of sensation and motor control over a specific part of the body. When it comes to paralysis injuries, they can be partial or complete. Partial paralysis means that the injury victim still has some sensation or motor control despite their injury. Complete paralysis is the lack of any sensation or motor control. Paralysis injuries are often permanent, but some injury victims make a full recovery. Getting the right medical treatment is critical, which is something a skilled paralysis injury lawyer in Columbia could help with.

Paralysis injuries fall within four general categories:

  • Monoplegia
  • Hemiplegia
  • Paraplegia
  • Quadriplegia


Paralysis of a single body part is known as monoplegia. Monoplegia typically affects an arm or a leg. It often results from a pinched nerve, and recovery from these injuries is common. Monoplegia can also occur due to a stroke or cerebral palsy.


Hemiplegia is a relatively uncommon form of paralysis that affects the arm and leg on the same side of the body. Hemiplegia is most frequently associated with cerebral palsy. However, this form of paralysis can occur after an injury where nerves are impacted. Hemiplegia, like with monoplegia, is often temporary.


Paraplegia is a form of paralysis that affects the body from the waist down. This form of paralysis results in the loss of use in both legs, as well as the organs in and around the pelvis. Paraplegia is most commonly related to neck or back injuries.


Quadriplegia is paralysis from the neck down. This form of paralysis affects the arms, legs, and torso. Much like with paraplegia, quadriplegia commonly results from a neck or back injury. Quadriplegia is often permanent.

Damages in a Columbia Paralysis Injury Case

When a Columbia paralysis injury attorney files a lawsuit, their pleadings must include the damages they seek from the responsible party. These damages can vary from one case to another and are affected by the severity of the injury. These damages are designed to compensate an injury victim for the costs they have already absorbed as well as any future expenses related to the injury. Some common examples of damages available in a paralysis injury lawsuit include:

  • Medical bills
  • Future medical costs
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of consortium
  • Property damage repair bills
  • Reduced future earning capacity

Contact a Columbia Paralysis Injury Attorney

If you have questions or concerns about proceeding with a civil suit, a Columbia paralysis injury lawyer could often answer your questions. Recovering from a paralysis injury and regaining independence in your life can take time, but that process is far less complicated without overwhelming debt resulting from your injuries. To learn more about your chances for recovery, call at the A.W. Smith Law Firm today to schedule your initial consultation.