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If you or a love one has sustained a traumatic brain injury due to the negligence of another, it is essential to discuss your options with a personal injury attorney. The costs of living with a traumatic brain injury can be high. However, if another person is responsible for those injuries, you should not have to shoulder the economic burden alone.

A compassionate Columbia, MO traumatic brain injury lawyer could help you recover the monetary compensation you need to move forward. Our legal team at the AW Smith Law Firm are ready to help your case. With the help of a diligent catastrophic injury attorney, you may be eligible to recover compensation for damages such as pain and suffering, medical expenses, and loss of enjoyment of life.

Common Causes of Traumatic Brain Injuries

Each year, millions of Americans sustain injuries to their head. Often, these injuries heal quickly and do not lead to long term problems. Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are different. A major impact can cause bleeding or other damage to the brain. These brain injuries can greatly impact the ability to live a normal life. An injury victim could obtain monetary compensation for these injuries with the help of a Columbia traumatic brain injury attorney.

According to the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention (CDC), the majority of traumatic brain injuries stem from four different factors. The four most common causes of traumatic brain injuries are:


Close to half of all traumatic brain injuries result from a fall. These include accidents at work, at home, or in public places. These accidents are especially common among small children and the elderly.

Falling Objects

Approximately 15 percent of all brain injuries resulted from a failing object. This category is fairly broad, as it covers anything from falling debris to an unintentional strike from another person.

Car Crashes

Vehicles are a major factor in traumatic brain injuries. Roughly 14 percent of all traumatic brain injuries stem from some form of vehicle crash. In addition to cars, these injuries are also common in a collision involving trains, bikes, or motorcycles.

Violent Crime

Nearly one out of every ten traumatic brain injuries result from one person intentionally striking another. Unlike with other causes, violent crime primarily affects younger adults as opposed to the elderly.

Long-Term Effects of a Traumatic Brain Injury

After suffering a traumatic brain injury in a serious accident, an injured person’s life may be permanently altered. TBIs can range in severity, from a rather mild concussion to a penetrating head injury that causes lasting damage. Depending on the part of the brain that was impacted in the accident, an injured person may experience symptoms such as memory loss, mood changes, nausea, headaches, difficulty speaking, or loss of coordination.

A person who experiences a TBI may find it difficult to return to their normal routines after their accident, even after their initial medical treatment is completed. The injured party could need significant rehabilitative care for an extended period of time after they leave the hospital and may be unable to attend work or school or complete the same daily tasks as they once did.

The long-term impact of a traumatic brain injury can feel overwhelming, but a Columbia attorney could work diligently to ensure that an injured person recovers adequate compensation to offset the physical, emotional, and financial costs of their TBI.

Comparative Fault in a Columbia Injury Lawsuit

In some cases, it is not always easy to identify the party responsible for a traumatic brain injury. This is especially common when there are a large number of people involved, like in a multi-vehicle crash. In some states, an injury victim that was partially responsible for their injuries could lose the ability to recover damages from the other party.

The State of Missouri follows a legal theory known as pure comparative fault. The pure comparative fault system is used to determine the responsible parties in an injury lawsuit. At trial, a Columbia jury will assign each party to a lawsuit a percentage of fault for each injury. The jury then reduces a plaintiff’s damages accordingly.

While some states prevent a plaintiff from recovering anything if they are 50 percent or more at fault, that is not the case in Missouri. A knowledgeable Columbia traumatic brain injury attorney will work to show a jury that the defendant is primarily at fault for their client’s injuries.

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A traumatic brain injury could significantly alter an individual’s life. Individuals may be unable to perform their daily activities such as walking, talking and eating due to the severity of their injury. When another party is responsible for an accident, they could be held accountable in court. Let a Columbia traumatic brain injury lawyer help your case.

It is only fair for a person responsible for causing a traumatic brain injury to face responsibility for their actions. Our knowledgeable attorneys at the AW Smith Law Firm could help you seek the compensation you need. Call today to schedule a consultation.