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Boonville Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

All drivers must maintain a proper lookout and avoid causing injuries to pedestrians on the roadways. Individuals should be able to walk, jog, or run from one place to another without fear of harm. When a careless or reckless driver injures a pedestrian, the consequences can be severe.

If you or a loved one were injured due to the negligent actions of an automobile driver, you may wish to have a Boonville pedestrian accident lawyer evaluate your claim. It is best to seek help from a seasoned personal injury attorney before you make any decisions regarding a settlement or filing a lawsuit. Insurance adjusters may offer a settlement that does not fully compensate you for your injuries and damages.

Our attorneys at The AW Smith Law Firm could help ensure you are receiving a settlement that is worth the full value of your claim. We have successfully helped a client recover $1 million for a pedestrian accident. We will work hard to help you recover compensation. We are available to help you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Filing a Pedestrian Accident Lawsuit in Boonville

Negligence is typically the basis for a pedestrian accident lawsuit in Boonville. In order to prove negligence, an experienced a Boonville pedestrian accident lawyer will have to demonstrate:

  • That a person or company owed a duty to the individual who sustained the injury
  • That the person or company breached the duty which they owed to the individual
  • That their breach of the duty resulted in harm to the individual.

It may be important to begin gathering evidence and assessing liability as soon as possible following a pedestrian accident. Our knowledgeable lawyers at The AW Smith Law Firm could help an injured person obtain and preserve essential documents such as medical records, bills, and accident reports.

Deadline to File a Claim

One of the most important considerations in filing a personal injury lawsuit is the statute of limitations. The statute of limitations for a particular type of claim varies by state. Under Missouri Revised Statutes §516.120, an individual who sustains an injury in a pedestrian accident usually has five years to file a personal injury lawsuit. If an injured party does not file their lawsuit within the five-year period following the accident, they may not be able to recover compensation for damages at all. An experienced pedestrian accident lawyer in Boonville could help file a claim within the designated time restrictions.

Shared Fault for a Collision

If a person who sustains an injury in a pedestrian accident pursues a claim against the at-fault party, they might face several defenses and counter-arguments. One argument that a liable party may raise in a pedestrian accident case is that the injured party contributed to their own injuries.

If the injured party was negligent to some degree, they could be partially at fault for the accident that caused their injuries. For example, if a drunk driver collided with a pedestrian who was not using the crosswalk to cross the street, there may be an argument that the pedestrian was partially at-fault. If this argument arises, in Missouri, it might result in a reduction of the injured party’s recovery based on the percentage of fault which the injured party bears.

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The injuries and financial burdens stemming from a pedestrian accident can be significant. If a negligent person or company caused your injury, you should not have to bear the burden of these losses alone. Call a Boonville pedestrian accident lawyer today to learn about your legal options. The attorneys at AW Smith are standing by to schedule your free, no-cost consultation.