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Fulton Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Most modern cities and towns are expanding at a fairly consistent rate, meaning that the number of drivers on the road and pedestrians walking around is also rising. Unfortunately, that also makes it more likely that an accident involving someone on foot will occur. As the number of vehicles and people on the streets rises, so does the likelihood that a pedestrian accident could occur. In cases such as these, the resulting damages can be extensive, often requiring costly medical care.

If you or someone you love have recently been in a similar incident and are suffering from injuries resulting from a pedestrian accident, you could receive legal assistance with the filing of your personal injury claim. Our Fulton pedestrian accident lawyers could help protect your rights while helping you seek the compensation and justice you deserve.

What is a Pedestrian Accident?

The term pedestrian accident refers to an accident or collision involving a motor vehicle and an individual not in a vehicle at the time of the incident. Pedestrian accidents typically occur where there is high or regular pedestrian foot traffic and heavy or frequent motor vehicle traffic. Especially at times when visibility is low for motorists, like at night or in bad weather, there may be an even higher risk of a pedestrian injury.

In Missouri, the rights and duties placed on pedestrians are dictated by statute. If a pedestrian is adhering to these regulations when the pedestrian accident occurs, the motorist involved may be vulnerable to being found liable for its cause. In such cases, a pedestrian accident attorney could help protect the pedestrian’s rights while also seeking recoverable damages for any resulting losses.

Common Factors Associated with Pedestrian Accidents

While no two pedestrian accidents are truly the same, there are commonalities among these types of claims. In personal injury cases involving a pedestrian accident, the cause is commonly due to the driver or pedestrian having been negligent behind the wheel due to:

  • Distraction or lack of attentiveness
  • Intoxication
  • Failure to adhere to traffic signals or laws
  • Impatience

In cases of injury stemming from a pedestrian accident caused by one of the factors mentioned above, a knowledgeable pedestrian motorist collision lawyer could work to ensure any at fault parties are held accountable for their involvement.

Get Ahold of a Fulton Pedestrian Accident Lawyer for Help Now

Even though they are commonly unreported, pedestrian accidents occur quite frequently. However, with most modern city streets crowded by both foot traffic from pedestrians and vehicular traffic from motorists, it may not be an astonishing fact. Whether it is due to a lack of attentiveness, low visibility, or the violation of a traffic law, a pedestrian accident can occur due to several factors and may have devastating consequences as a result.

If you or someone you love have suffered losses from being involved in a pedestrian accident, legal assistance with your claim may be available. Our dedicated attorneys at AW Smith Law could give you a free consultation so you can learn what your case might be worth. Call right away to get started on your case.