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Attorney Referrals

If, as an attorney, a client has brought you a serious personal injury or wrongful death case, which is outside of your preferred practice area, we would be happy to discuss your client’s case with them.

The A.W. Smith law firm has had great success and is widely knowledgeable in the personal injury field, including, but not limited to, automobile liability, truck accident litigation, and medical malpractice litigation. We have tried cases across the nation against some of the United State’s biggest companies and their insurers in the industry. Our firm can assure you that we will be an outstanding asset to your client in trying their case. A.W. Smith provides:

  • Great expert connections who can evaluate and help litigate your client’s case.
  • An impressive trial record, with notable results.
  • Incredible resources and databases for all types of complex civil litigation.

A.W. Smith utilizes a winning trial strategy including: public and media relations, rich and interesting jury presentations, computer restoration, and a variety of other strategic options.

We serve clients across the nation from our office in Columbia, Missouri. Our firm welcomes your referral, and encourages you to help us help your client get the best possible outcome. Our firm will cover all expenses throughout the litigation period to ensure a successful settlement or verdict for your client and firm.

If you have a client who has been in an accident or suffered a serious injury, please contact the A.W. Smith law firm.