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Misdiagnosis in Columbia, MO Medical Malpractice Cases

One of the more common causes for a medical malpractice claim is misdiagnosis. This occurs when a doctor fails to correctly diagnose a patient’s injuries or ailment, and instead gives them an incorrect diagnosis. This example of medical malpractice can cause the patient emotional distress and physical harm by delaying treatment for their actual ailment.

If you have suffered because of a healthcare worker’s misdiagnosis, you may be eligible to receive financial compensation. A Columbia, MO misdiagnosis lawyer could help you build a credible case and allow you to recover economic or non-economic damages. Get in touch with out dedicated legal team to learn about misdiagnosis in Columbia medical malpractice cases.

Common Forms of Misdiagnosis

An incorrect diagnosis can be delivered in many situations for a wide variety of medical cases. A patient could be misdiagnosed whether they are suffering from cancer, a bone fracture, or a staph infection. For example, a person could make an appointment with their doctor because they do not feel well and their doctor mistakes their early signs of leukemia for the flu, or a patient with heart palpitations are told they are a symptom of anxiety when they actually have an arrhythmia.

Misdiagnosis is often caused by technical mistakes, such as faulty readings from broken equipment or skewed lab results. Other times, this mistake hinges on a medical professional’s impatience or distractedness, and they rush into an incorrect diagnosis.

A misdiagnosis may sometimes be an acceptable mistake and not an example of medical malpractice include if it is within the standard of care. If the diagnosis is not within that standard of care, they may have a valid personal injury claim. A local lawyer could examine the circumstances of a person’s case and advise them how to proceed.

Harm in Misdiagnosis Cases

The main source of harm in these types of cases is that if a physician negligently misdiagnoses a patient’s condition, it could aggravate or exacerbate the underlying condition. It could mean that the underlying condition is not properly treated, which could cause the patient to undergo unnecessary pain or treatment in excess of what they would have endured if they had received an accurate diagnosis at the start.

Additionally, a doctor’s misdiagnosis could lead to severe emotional distress if they diagnose a patient with a potentially fatal disease that they do not actually have. The patient would have to prove that the inaccurate diagnosis caused serious anguish that negatively impacted their wellbeing in their claim. A skilled attorney in the area could determine how much harm a misdiagnosis inflicted when compiling a patient’s case.

Filing a Claim in Columbia

If an individual has grounds for a misdiagnosis lawsuit, they should not wait long before filing. The statute of limitations for medical malpractice and medical negligence cases in Missouri is two years, and a plaintiff should contact an attorney in the area long before then.

A knowledgeable attorney could examine the plaintiff’s medical records, and analyze when they were seen, how often they were seen, the tests, the imaging, the treatment was rendered to the patient by the physician and hospital, and the medical records for any past medical history. Once they have conducted thorough research and have enough information to create a comprehensive case, they could help the plaintiff achieve a settlement pre-litigation or bring their claim to court.

A Misdiagnosis Attorney Could Fight for Your Right to Compensation

Medical malpractice cases are complex and take time to resolve, and the process of recovering damages for your injuries can be incredibly stressful. A misdiagnosis lawyer could be your advocate through every step, from filing the initial petition to negotiating with a hospital’s legal team or bringing your case to court. Call today to schedule a consultation and learn more about misdiagnosis in Columbia medical malpractice cases.