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Understanding Missouri’s Tort Victims Compensation Fund

Missouri’s Tort Victims Compensation Fund (TVCF) serves as a crucial lifeline for individuals who have suffered injuries or losses due to the negligent actions of others. Established to provide financial assistance to victims and their families, the TVCF offers a safety net in cases where the at-fault party lacks the resources to compensate the victim fully. In this blog post, we will delve into the essential aspects of Missouri’s TVCF, exploring its purpose, eligibility criteria, claim process, and the benefits it provides.

The Purpose of the TVCF

The TVCF in Missouri was created to ensure that victims of tortious acts receive appropriate compensation, even when the responsible party is unable to provide full compensation. The TVCF aims to alleviate the financial burden on tort victims, providing them with compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other related costs. By establishing this fund, Missouri seeks to promote justice and support tort victims.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for compensation from the TVCF, victims must meet certain criteria. First, the injury or loss must have occurred in Missouri. Second, victims must demonstrate that the injury or loss resulted from an act of negligence or intentional harm. Victims must further show that they have obtained a final money judgment in their personal injury/wrongful death lawsuit but have been unable to collect the full amount of the judgment. Alternatively, victims can show they have settled their personal injury/wrongful death claim for the policy limits of liability insurance, and that such limits do not fully compensate the victim for the harms he/she suffered. Additionally, victims who have received compensation through insurance or legal settlements may have their TVCF award reduced or eliminated, depending on the circumstances.

Claim Process

Filing a claim with the TVCF involves a structured process designed to assess the eligibility of victims and determine the appropriate compensation amount. The first step is to complete the necessary application forms, which are available on the TVCF’s official website. Along with the application, victims must provide relevant documentation, such as medical records, police reports, and evidence of financial losses. Once the TVCF receives the completed application, it will review the claim and make a decision regarding compensation.

Benefits and Limitations

The TVCF offers several benefits to victims, providing them with financial assistance during challenging times. Compensation from the TVCF can cover medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, lost wages, and other economic damages resulting from the injury or loss. Moreover, the fund provides a sense of justice and closure for victims who may otherwise struggle to seek recovery. However, it is important to recognize that the TVCF has its limitations. The compensation amount is capped, and it may not fully cover all the losses incurred. Currently, the TVCF caps recovery for a tort victim at $300,000. However, funds are paid on a pro-rate basis depending on how many claims are submitted each year and how much money is available within the TVCF for the given year.


Missouri’s Tort Victims Compensation Fund is a valuable resource for individuals who have suffered injuries or losses due to the negligence of others. By providing financial assistance, the TVCF serves as a crucial support system for victims and their families.

However, navigating the eligibility and application process of the TVCF can be a challenging process for individuals. The process is document intensive and may require precedent legal steps to ensure eligibility. As payment from the fund is provided on a case-by-case basis, an attorney can help ensure your claim is properly submitted and that receive maximum compensation. An attorney can also appeal a compensation decision from the TVCF and request a hearing on your claim.

If you have been injured in an accident, you should contact an experienced personal injury attorney to discuss your case and to see if you may qualify for compensation from the TVCF. An attorney can help guide you through the process and protect your rights. Please reach out to The A.W. Smith Law Firm for a free, no-obligation case evaluation.