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Confidential Settlement – Drunk Driving Accident

A 62 year old man was on his way home returning from a trip to Columbia, Missouri when he was hit head-on by a drunk driver near Jefferson City, Missouri on Highway 50. The man was life-flighted to University of Missouri Hospital where he was diagnosed with a shattered pelvis and compound fracture to the right leg. The man spent several months at Rusk Rehabilitation Hospital after having extensive surgery. It took several months before he was able to walk again. Attorney Aaron W. Smith filed a lawsuit against the drunk driver and subsequently discovered that there was a limited amount of insurance. However an extensive inquiry into the drunk driver’s background turned up assets that were not insured from the wreck. After several months of litigation, the parties finally mediated the case in Jefferson City, Missouri. This case is a good example of why it is important to hire an attorney that will turn over all the rocks. Too often, attorney’s are satisfied with taking the quick insurance settlement when that in fact does not turn out to be in the client’s best interest.

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