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University of Missouri Hospital Data Breach Class Action Claims

Class action lawsuit filed against MU Health Care after information hacked

The University of Missouri has had multiple data breaches and had determined that unauthorized persons gained access to six employee email accounts which held patient information through an email phishing incident.

It is not yet confirmed which patient information has been breached but it is concerned that personal information has been exploited. This compromised information includes birth dates, medical records, patient account numbers, health insurance information, procedure history and prescription information, the release said.

For some, social security numbers and driver’s license numbers have also been compromised.

No payment or credit card information was accessed, according to MU Health Care spokesperson Jesslyn Chew.

Only MU patients whose information was held in the targeted email accounts were impacted, she said.

“The data security incident was not related to MU’s HEALTHConnect patient portal,” Chew said in an email. “This was an email phishing incident” in which unauthorized persons gained access to some employee email accounts.

MU Health Care has begun contacting those involved, and is also providing individuals whose social security information has been compromised with complimentary credit monitoring services.

If you received a Data Breach Letter from MU Health Care please fill out the form on this page and attach the letter you were sent.