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Misty M.

Hiring A.W. Smith Law Firm was the best decision I could have made. When my husband was in a horrific car accident I quickly became aware we needed a personal injury attorney. Within hours of the accident claim managers and attorneys for the responsible party were showing up at the hospital and continuously calling my cell phone. I’m sure as anyone can imagine it was not a good time for me to even be bothering with the issues they wanted to discuss. I knew immediately that I needed to contact an attorney to deal with these issues and free myself up to concentrate on my family. When I contacted the A.W. Smith Law Firm I was impressed with their professionalism and their sincere concern for my husband and our family. Throughout the entire process anytime I contacted A.W., Dani or Jeff I received almost an immediate response. I could really tell that they wanted to do the best they could for our family. They handled all correspondence with the responsible party and obtained a just settlement. If you ever have the need for a injury attorney I would highly recommend the A.W. Law Firm.