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Off-roading accident in Cooper County leaves 2 injured.

On June 8, 2024, a motor vehicle collision occurred between a 2020 Polaris Ranger and a 2024 Honda CRF-250, on Shackleford Bridge Drive in Cooper County, Missouri near Boonville. The Honda CRF-250 skidded on the roadway and overturned, ejecting Blake Green of Nelson, Missouri, and a juvenile occupant. The Polaris Ranger, driven by Adrianna Martin of Boonville, Missouri, then struck the ejected occupants on the roadway. Both of the injured motorists were taken to University Hospital in Columbia, Missouri, by Life Flight Helicopter.


Offroad vehicles, such as the Polaris Ranger and Honda CRF-250, are often involved in mid-Missouri crashes that cause serious injury. Often times, these vehicles do not carry liability insurance. One of the avenues of potential recovery for the injured is a products liability claims against the manufacturer. AW Smith Law has successfully handled numerous product liability claims against manufacturers of offroad recreational vehicles. Often times, drivers and occupants are unaware of the dangers associated with the use of the recreational vehicles, which can support a failure to warn product liability claim. AW Smith Law has accumulated specialized information from past cases that can be extremely useful in bringing other product liability claims.