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Mortar malfunctioned and exploded, injuring Brantley Edwards

According to the Cooper County Citizen Brantley Edwards, 23, was seriously injured after an accident on October 30, left him with serious injuries. Edwards was handling a mortar when it malfunctioned and exploded, severing the fingers on his left hand and part of his right hand.
Edwards is now facing months of rehab therapy and preparation for a prosthesis for his left hand. The new device will allow him to resume his life, and most importantly to Edwards, get back to work. He is employed as a heavy equipment operator for Cody Martin Excavating. “I think I’ll be able to do my job again, Cody believes so too,” Edwards said.
So far doctors have been pleased with his recovery. Edwards reports he is wearing a sleeve to “shape” his arm in preparation for the prosthesis, which is expected to take four to six months. He has also stopped some medications although phantom pain is a big challenge.
Aside from challenges related to his physical healing, Edwards is re-learning how to accomplish simple everyday tasks. “It’s all an adjustment. You just have to slow down and think about it,” he said. Simple maneuvers required for eating, adjusting the water in the shower or even just putting on a sock “can be frustrating.

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