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Fatal collision on HWY 124 and Route NN

A fatal collision occurred on Monday morning in northern Boone County, resulting in the tragic loss of one individual, as reported by the Boone County Fire Protection District. The incident involved a car and a recycling truck, and sadly, the driver of the car was pronounced dead at the scene.

The accident transpired at the intersection of Highway 124 and Route NN, unfolding just before 7 a.m. Local authorities, including the Boone County Fire Protection District and Joint Communications, responded promptly to the emergency. Gale Blomenkamp, spokesperson for the Boone County Fire Protection District, provided details on the nature of the collision.

The affected stretch of the road, Highway 124 and Route NN, was temporarily closed to facilitate emergency response efforts. However, by approximately 10:30 a.m., the roadway was reopened, allowing for the resumption of regular traffic flow.

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