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2 Pedestrians hit by vehicle in Laclede County, Anna Marie Kelley was killed.


According to the Missouri State highway Patrol a 1996 Toyota Camry driven by Ricky Langdon, 56, Struck two pedestrians in Laclede County 21/1/21.

The vehicle was traveling Southbound on Martingdale Dr when they struck pedestrians, Anna Marie Kelley and Kenneth Harting. Harting sustained serious injuries and was flown to Mercy Springfield. Kelley was killed and transported to Shadels Funeral Home.

Dealing with the death of a loved one is often one of the worst experiences an individual could endure. This is especially true when the death of that family member could be attributed to the negligence of another person. Fortunately, Missouri law allows the decedent’s family to pursue justice and compensation for a wrongful death.